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A spectator selects and signs a card, which is then lost in the deck.
You draw attention to an antique wooden frame sitting on a table.
The frame is supporting two clear plates which you remove and have
inspected. The plates are then clamped together and slid back into
the wooden frame.
Standing away from the table you take the deck of cards and spray
them towards the wooden frame, when the cards settle, one card is
seen to be stuck onto the clear plates. You approach the table and
try to pick off the card…but you can’t...because it is not stuck onto
the's actually sandwiched between them, believe me this
moment will stun your audience. You remove the plates from the frame
and approach the spectator, they still do not know what card it is...
you pause...then spin the plates round to show that it is their
signed card. The spectator unclips the plates and removes their card
to keep as a souvenir.

No palming

No assistants

Sets in two minutes

Operates by remote control



By Paul Nardini
Tel: +44 (0)1560 483296
£ 850 + s/h
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